Creepy Mermaid Makes Appearance

This extraordinary video shows the moment a submarine crew come face to face with a MERMAID.

The two-minute 17-second clip, uploaded to YouTube, is filmed on board a mini-sub in the Greenland Sea and shows two intrepid submariners at work.

One crew member, a bearded, bespectacled man, is busy filming when a white ‘hand’ cracks against the glass behind him. He spins around just as a dark object can be seen swimming away.

Close up shots later show the hand has four fingers and a thumb – with webbing in between the digits. The creature’s ghastly inhuman countenance can also be seen, with the video then asking viewers to decide whether it is a mermaid, an alien or an elaborate hoax.

Aaron Fisher was convinced the footage was not a hoax. He wrote:  “The only way that this can be faked is if it wasn’t done 3,000ft under water. A diver wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure, a diver even with protective suits can only dive about 1,000ft the deepest dive so far has been 1,200ft.”

“I didn’t see any kind of air tank or anything to help it breath. The eyes glowed telling me its a nocturnal creature or at least its eyes have adapted to be able to see in the dark under the water where the light hardly reaches. Also the creature moved too fast to be a diver, divers don’t normally swim that fast even with flippers.”

Another poster, known only as Tranquility, commented: “I don’t think it is fake. Creatures like gins ( demons) also live in the sea.

“There are lots of things for humans still remain undiscovered.”

However, others were more sceptical.

Matthew Wolfe said: “Easy to tell that its a fake, look at the suspended sediment in the water when it swims away. It would be moving fast but it doesn’t change.”

And Maya Soroya said: “Nice under water costume…Keep us posted should you find a real mermaid!”





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