Farmer Refuses to Sell Mutant Two-Headed Goat

An incredulous farmer has been offered HUGE sums of money after one of his goats gave birth to a kid with TWO HEADS. 


Bidders are battling for the famers’ mutant goat which has a split-head with three eyes and two ears. Shocked neighbours flocked to see the two-headed billy when it was born.

But many of the fascinated visitors cautioned Chinese farmer Xu Jinkui, 43, that his hideous baby goat would not live long at all – and that he should just let it DIE.

Xu said: “They told me to leave it to die, but I couldn’t just do that.

“I asked the vet and he said it wouldn’t live long either, but the mother didn’t reject it and I gave it a bit of extra milk occasionally and instead of dying, it seemed to do pretty well.”

After ignoring the predictions of those around him and giving the two-headed kid a little extra care, the young goat has gone on to thrive.


It is now on the way to becoming a fully grown goat living on the farm in Sanhe village in Changle county in Eastern China’s Shandong province.

Farmer Xu added: “It is currently 30cm tall and 40cm long and doesn’t seem to show anything obvious in terms of behaviour problems as a result of its disability, although anyone that comes here can see straight away that it’s a mutant.

“I have had a lot of visitors, and some pretty big cash offers as people realise it’s probably going to live longer, but I’m not interested in selling it.

“Maybe later, but for now it’s fun to have around.”



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