Is This a UFO Passing Under a Passenger Plane in Iran?

This astonishing footage captures a disc-shaped UFO flying underneath a plane.

The mystery white orb was filmed as it travelled through the clouds at speed in Iranian airspace by a passenger on board a commercial airliner.

While the object itself is small on the 34-second clip, it definitely doesn’t have wings – instead the completely round shape echoes the classic designs of UFO’s captured in the past.

No lights, trail or any other signs of man-made machinery can be seen.

Ever since the clip was uploaded to the internet, tongues have been set wagging among alien believers.

Some conspiracy theorists even suggest the UFO could be a drone.

One commentor, Fred Smith wrote:”Looks like a UFO to me, cause I don’t know what it is..” (sic)

While Barney Pritchard agreed: “I don’t think this is a reflection in the window and it don’t look like a plane so we may neevr know what it was. I would call it a UFO.” (sic)

As of yet there has been no word from any government or organisation claiming it to be theirs.

This comes after alien believers claimed a UFO appeared in the background of a NASA video of the International Space Station (ISS).

The YouTube clip showed what is claimed to be a spacecraft flying in the pitch black as astronauts make repairs to the satellite last month.



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