Photographic Proof of an Entity Emerging From a Fire?

Two friends were out one night goofing around when they happened to photograph something strange.


Joe Robbins, the man who took the picture with his cellphone, says that him and his friend were out and had started a small bonfire.

They started taking pictures of themselves playing around the fire. In one of the photos, Joe’s friend can be seen standing by the fire with his arms up pretending to perform a ritual. Though they didn’t notice anything usual, it wasn’t until the two were reviewing the photos that they noticed something truly bizarre had been captured, particularly in the one of the mock ritual.

In the photo, a mysterious, ghoulish entity can be seen emerging from the flames of the bonfire. The two say they’re afraid they might’ve inadvertently summoned something from beyond the grave.

That’s why you don’t play with fire. Not only could you possibly set something on fire, but you might accidentally summon a demonic entity.

Actually, I’m not sure if the latter of the two is even possible, but it’s probably best that we don’t try to find out. Instead, lets talk about this bizarre picture. While it is definitely strange, I’m skeptical. The entity doesn’t appear to be a dummy.

It’s possible that the entity is just smoke/flames that happen to look like a ghoulish spirit. Or the picture could’ve been Photoshopped. The image doesn’t look like it was Photoshopped, but I don’t think this is a real entity.

Personally, I think that this is just a case of pareidolia, but what do you think? Does this photo show a real entity emerging from a bonfire?

Is this a case of pareidolia, or was this image Photoshopped?



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