Nefertiti Statue And Ancient Walls Found On Mars, UFO Blogger Claims


A popular UFO blog is asserting that evidence of an ancient civilization has been uncovered on Mars, as they claim to have identified the ruins of a foundation, as well as a statue that bears a striking resemblance to Nefertiti, the ancient Egyptian queen.

 UFO Sightings Daily alleges that the ruins of a foundation are clearly visible in one of many photos taken by the Curiosity rover. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted the raw image online, detailing that it was taken by the rover’s Mastcam on Sol 816 (November 22, 2014, at 12:02:16 UTC). While the image depicts angular rocks spread across the surface of Mars, UFO Sightings Daily points out several right angles as evidence that they represent something far more.

Here we have a excellent specimen of a foundation that still remains on Mars. This may of course be more than a foundation, but instead my be the walls and ceiling of an ancient structure. If that were the case, then the inhabitants would be only a few cm tall. [SIC]


The blog further claims that a hidden object, which it identifies as either a craft or animal, can be seen under a rock outcropping on Mars, in the upper left quadrant of the same image. Asserting that the objects are actual remnants of a culture on Mars, the blog points out that the only way to be certain of their composition is through a closer examination, something they allege that NASA will not allow.

In a separate post, UFO Sightings Daily examines another image taken by one of the Mars rovers, in which they allege that the remains of a statue resembling Nefertiti can be plainly viewed.

“This face has very big cheeks and a smaller chin. It does have a lot of resemblance to the Nefertiti face, however Nefertiti has thinner cheeks and is humanoid. The face on the hill of Mars does not look human, but is a face of an alien species.”


These images are far from the first questionable finds to come from the surface of Mars lately. As the Inquisitr previously reported, UFO observers recently alleged that an image taken by the Curiosity rover depicted the shadow of an astronaut performing repairs on the robot. Some in the UFO community asserted that the image was proof of allegations made by hacker Gary McKinnon, who claimed to have uncovered evidence that Pentagon “Non-Terrestrial Officers” are already at work on Mars.

UFO watchers have also recently observed a plethora of unidentified objects outside of the International Space Station, though as the Huffington Post notes, mundane explanations exist for many of the sightings. In the case of the ancient walls and Nefertiti-like statue on Mars, however, the truth may yet be out there.



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