Icebergs the size of boulders wash up on the shores of Cape Cod as ice finally melts

Icebergs the size of boulders wash up on the shores of Cape Cod as ice finally melts

  • Huge chunks of ice – many of which are taller than humans – have been spotted in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • A photographer from the cape town of Wellfleet has photographed the chunks and uploaded them to Twitter
  • Locals have said the chunks have previously appeared on Cape Cod

Huge icebergs the size of boulders have been washing up on the shores of Cape Cod after one of the bitterest winters in living memory. 

Months of frozen temperatures have created huge sheets of ice up and down the coastline and now the temperatures have warmed slightly they are breaking up and washing ashore.

In Wellfleet, on the Massachusetts coast, the ice made the beach look more like an arctic wasteland than the soon-to-be summer playground of the rich and famous of the East Coast.

Cape Code National Seashore administrator Marianne McCaffery told the Boston Globe that ‘They are bigger this year because there has been no snow melt in between storms.

‘I’m not surprised, considering the type of winter we have had.’

Leonard Croteau, a Wellfleet Assistant Harbormaster, told the newspaper of the chunks ‘They are all over the place.

‘This year has been a lot more than normal, but usually we don’t have snow this long either. It’s been here for a while.’

Meteorologist Jim Andrews told Accuweather ‘It’s obvious that the ice ‘boulders’ have a more complex history than the typical ice found on calmer waters such as lakes and sluggish rivers.’

‘Most likely it is formed by the bashing together of pancake ice or ice floes.’







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