Activists stage ‘Zombie march’ against pro-Russian Vesti newspaper


Zombies march through central Kyiv protesting against Russian propaganda

Dozens of activists marched through the center of Kyiv on Sunday to protest against controversial Vesti daily newspaper, which has long been known for its biased and anti-Ukrainian coverage.

To attract more attention to their march against zombifying and brainwashing people, the participants of the rally were made up to look like real zombies, wearing traditional Russian fur hats and kokoshnik headdresses and playing the Russian bayan.

Zombies also sang “Kalinka-Malinka” and shouted slogans like “Putin is the president!”, “Novorossiya” and “Only Vesti can tell us the truth!”

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On June 18 the Kyiv office of Vesti was searched by tax police officers, who said the newspaper is suspected of tax evasion, fraud and money laundering.

Much of Vesti’s 350,000 daily circulation is distributed for free in Kyiv and other big Ukrainian cities, which adds significantly to its popularity

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