MARS DISCOVERY: Fossil remains found on Mars?


This mind-boggling picture of a strange ‘skeleton’ shape on Mars could be proof aliens once lived there, according to space conspiracy theorists.

And it suggests the galactic stereotype of ‘little green men’ might have some truth in it.

Dust-covered bone shapes measuring several inches across are clearly visible, alongside what looks like a tiny head, a pint-sized torso and two baby arms.

Another small white shape, which appears to be of the same texture, is also seen several metres away.

Eagle-eyed YouTube user Martian Archaeology spotted the bizarre find on a Nasa picture taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover and uploaded a video of the zoomed-in image online.

Viewers were left scratching their heads too.

Jo Van De Vega suggested it could be a spinal column while Chuck McGuire wrote: “Man that sure looks like bones.

Source: Mirror UK

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