ZOMBIE KNIFE: Inventor funds Zombie Swiss Army tool with Kickstarter campaign.

Inventor and serial entrepreneur Marvin Weinberger used Kickstarter to fund his Lil Trucker multi-tool, Raising nearly five times the $25,000 goal. 1,302 backers pledged $123,310 for multi-tool weighing a little over 1 pound and offering a hefty load of features. Those include a glass breaker, folding saw, can opener, hatchet blade, hex wrench, pry, wedge, hook, hammer, nail puller, wire twist, gas valve wrench, spanner, strap cutter, and, of course, zombie slayer.

“Frankly, until we launched, I was probably the biggest skeptic in terms of whether we’d get noticed at all, and was blown away by how quickly we passed our goal,” said Weinberger, whose unusual campaign started in May.

This tool however wasn’t Weinberger’s first foray into Zombie based hardware. Trucker’s Friend, it is a 2.3-pound, 20-inch tool intended for “any situation that requires hacking, prying, pulling or pounding,” was also a hit among Zombie Apocalypse preppers. Selling more than 10 thousand units in the past four years.

“We saw that people interested in zombies started writing about the product, then posting [on social media] using Trucker’s Friend demolishing zombies and zombie surrogates,” Weinberger said. “A lot of pumpkins were sacrificed using Trucker’s Friend.”

Lil Trucker came about after firefighters who had just used Trucker’s Friend in post-tornado search-and-rescue efforts in Joplin, Mo., about three years ago called Weinberger with a request for a more compact tool that could be worn on a belt and could break windows and cut not only clothing but also metal.

“You can do a lot with a Swiss Army knife, but it can’t cut through trees and chain-link fences,” Weinberger said.

Full story here.

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