TWITTER FRENZY: Sarah O’Connor Tweets About Killer Robot!

On the same day that Terminator Genisys premiered on the big screen, a Financial Times reporter who bears almost the same name as the popular Sci-Fi heroine of the movie franchise unintentionally found herself at the receiving end of a Twitter explosion.

Twitter user Sarah O’ Connor  tweeted about a recent unfortunate death involving a robot at a Volkswagen factory previously reported here:

She tweeted: “A robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany”

Although the Terminator heroine’s name lacks the “O” it was close enough to set the internet a buzz. After seeing her name and taking a cue as if this tweet heralded the beginning of Judgment Day  thousands of fans of the post-apocalyptic science fiction movies were quick to cajole her about Skynet, John Connor and the end of the world.

Her responses illustrate how she was caught completely off guard.

“Ok. I should have thought of my name and its implications before tweeting this!”

“Sigh. I’ve never even watched the films. Now my feed is full of people tweeting me about Skynet.”

“Guys, I don’t know what Skynet is. And I wouldn’t follow me – I tweet really boring stuff about unit wage costs and the like.”




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