This story is beyond bizarre now. Six different cities in six different graveyards are reporting zombie sightings. If any viewers can figure out the connection between these cities and graveyards, please leave a comment below.

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    1. michael bruening

      im reading a book called once upon a zombie. It says book one the color of fear
      and it talks about a shadow showing up at their house when they first moved in and they are this is a true story that happened in italy and Germany. if someone write back please email me at and if u want 2 see ghosts and it is at new mexico many are here people who belives in ghosts they r seen at grave yards and house . some commercial buildings where I go biking only on broadway u can see shadows move at night only if they let u and be careful .

    2. Hi,
      I wonder why the zombie sightings are only just beginning to happen? It may be something to do with dates of the supposable ghouls these dates may be there wedding anniversary or anything like that it may be something to look up.

    3. I don’t know about you two but check in the prolouge for famous authors like Carlos collodi , original author of Pinocchio and see if their buried in those cemetaries mentioned in the videos because I’m thinking that they might be connected . The zombie sightings are in the same places mentioned in the book , so see what place the cemetery is in Guildford and what famous author is buried there and you’ll see my point then.

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