THIRD SIGHTING: A Ghoul in Germany

The Zombie Sighting news doesn’t end. Now a third city is reporting an apparent living dead walker strolling around a graveyard in Berlin, Germany. Film students Lisa Fassel and her cameraman Stephan Bindel had a permit to film at the Old St. Matthew’s Churchyard. As they were shooting video among the gravestones, a pale white intruder was suddenly stalking through the cemetery, frightening the two students.

This marks the third unexplained report of ghouls in a graveyard. The first occurred in Scotland, and the second was reported at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA.

All of these unexplained sightings in such a short time has raised some unanswered questions:

1. Why these particular cities?

2. Is this a pattern or are these just random locations?

3. What is the significance of the garbanzo beans?

4. Is this the last city or is another city a potential next target?

5. Is this a prank or a genuine paranormal phenomenon?

UXN will continue to follow this story.

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